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      For those in search of something a little more interesting than a basic square, a mitered square might be just the ticket. Worked from one corner to the opposite outside edge, a mitered square is perfect for those occasions when you need the end result to be a square, but you don't know how far your yarn will go - or you're simply unsure at what point you'll get tired of working on it and decide that it's 'big enough.' When worked in a variegted yarn, it creates an interesting pattern of color transitions, and it can even be used to get the same look as knitting patterns made with (the knitting version of) this technique!

      A mitered square is formed by working increases in the center stitch of each row. To make a square like the one shown, begin by chaining two, then making three single crochet in the second stitch from the hook. Chain one, turn, single crochet, make three single crochet in the next stitch, single crochet in the next stitch. With each successive row, add one more stitch before and after the center increases. So, the directions for Row 3 would read "sc 2, make 3 sc in next st, sc 2," directions for Row 4 would read, "sc 3, make 3 sc in next st, sc 3," and so on. The stitch count increases by two with each row you add.

      The design possibilities for this shape are varied: anything from coasters to potholders to placemats and blankets can be made from one motif. You can use a different color of yarn every row (or every few rows) to produce stripes. You can join them together to make everything from scarves to mittens! To see a design created using mitered squares and semicircles, go check out the Pieces of My Heart Pillow at Crochetme!

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